New Podcasting Setup

We did a few lil’ shoos with the new mixer setup. I think everyone sounded great. The new mics are cheap. And have a cheap, tinny sound. But the overall sound improvement makes this observation seem fussy. The new audio sounds much less like me on a great mic and everyone else on a soup can. Now everyone sounds similar. Coherent. I think it’s progress.

Dr. P and I are – for the first time – in the same room during the show. Formerly, I patched him in from upstairs. He was just another guest albeit on the same wifi. With the mixer, I now can record our audio together. Dr. P still joins the call with camera only and laptop on mute. I feed our mics to everyone else through the mixer.

I did a bit of old school editing and laid down some funny sound effects in the final show. I’m not sure if they’ll continue. It’s time consuming but amusing.

I’m of course going to continue doing my  “no frills” personal journal shows from my iPhone. We’ll see how it all goes.