Swimmer’s Body


I fired my alt-right personal trainer in early November. I needed to try something new. Strength training wasn’t working for me. I’ve also been having some carpel tunnel issues with my left shoulder which I think were being exacerbated by lifting weights. I didn’t want to join a traditional gym. I am not keen on getting gross, hot, and sweaty in a group setting. I have PTSD from high school gym. Flashback! I like to workout alone. Swimming laps is cool though. There’s nothing more solitary than that! I hunted for a local place with a good pool. There’s a snazzy community center nearby. I have been going there on Tuesdays and Thursdays after work – my former training days. The pool is great and never crowded. It’s split in two – one side is for swimming lessons and the other is for laps. Usually, I have the lap side all to myself and have never had to share a lane. The joint is crawling with toddlers. They have a lot of swimming lesson programs. That can be a bit jarring, but I get into my groove and ignore all that.

My friend Brenda – who also swims – gave me a tip to get a pair of exercise fins. They are smaller than scuba fins and function primarily to turn you into Aquaman. One would think the fins make swimming easier and less of a workout. This is not true. They make me go faster but work muscles in my ass and legs that I did not know I had. I started out doing 10 laps and am slowly increasing my range. I hit 24 laps last week. I think I’ll stop at 30 laps. This number seems like a nice, about half-hour-ish workout. As I swim, I do counting meditation to keep track of my laps and clear my mind. It’s an amazing workout. I know because I’m famished as soon as I get out of the water!

I’m still doing my treadmill on weekday mornings. More often than not, I also do a half hour walk over lunch. Swimming serves to replace the trainer and provide an upper body workout. I don’t think it’ll do much to transform my body. That middle aged ship sailed many years ago! But I feel great, and swimming is helping me get a good night’s sleep.