Roku Cable Cutter


I am an old school cable cutter. I’ve had a roku since before roku was cool. Before the advent of streaming tv, I employed four cheapie, programmable VHS recorders stacked and on A/B switches to function as a make-shift DVR to record all my shows using an antenna. I don’t believe in paying for tv. This worked fine for all my Buffy, Battlestar Gallactica, and American Idol needs. I was an early adopter of roku. With a roku + netflix + hulu + amazon, there is no need for cable tv. There is no show that cannot be watched on roku. Even those shows which require traditional pay channels can be bought through amazon prime for $20 a season. I’d rather pay $20 one-and-done to watch Game of Thrones than pay $150 a month to a cable company for crap channels galore.

At present, we have two rokus in our home. One of them is older than Methuselah and doesn’t have full functionality; it cannot get all channels. I use the old one on my treadmill tv to watch Murder She Wrote while I jog. I’ve decided to upgrade the nearly ten-year-old model, so I can also watch all of my youtube channels on my treadmill. You cannot get youtube on that old generation machine. They have a new model called Roku Express that is only $29. It’s time!