Taking A Writing Class

I was tinkering with the idea of taking a creative writing class next semester – a full university class in the spring semester. Lucky for me, the class was overbooked and the professor was not keen on letting me register. This worked out for the best. The price tag for taking a university class as a non-matriculated student would have been very high. Plus, I haven’t been in a college class in over a decade. I wasn’t sure if I could handle the commitment given my work schedule.

I am eager to learn though and have found a great compromise solution. I’ve signed up for two adult learning classes which are relatively cheap: Creative Writing 101 and World Building for Speculative and Genre Fiction. Each of these classes meets once per week in the evening and do not overlap. They run four weeks starting next month. The instructors are local authors. It sounds like a great opportunity to learn and network. I’m looking forward to starting!