Writing Dialogue


I think my dialogue is a bit lackluster. It’s not terrible. But it doesn’t zig. It doesn’t zag. Also, all of my characters sound pretty bland and similar. I know this isn’t the best. Each character should sound unique and have their own flavor. I’ve decided that I’m not going to let this observation slow me down. I’ll continue to write and focus on my word count for now. I can insert the vanilla dialogue as I go. Subsequently, I will work it again when I go back to edit and revise. In the meantime, I’m always reading. I’ll pay closer attention to what good dialogue looks like in the books I enjoy and glean some tips.

Oh hey? I got 1,000 words down today. My narrative is back on track. I’m headed to the gym after work and then holiday shopping. I see fast food in my future. I don’t have time for food prep today.