Dictate Your Novel With Dragon Naturally Speaking


I’ve decided to experiment with dictation for my novel. Several friends had recommended I try this. Part of my creative writing journey has included listening to a lot of podcasts about writing and indie publishing. Several of them recently touched on dictation and nudged me in that direction.

On episode 12 of The Bestseller Experiment Maria Semple spoke about improving your dialogue by recording yourself speaking and writing what you say. I’m having a particular problem in this area. My dialogue is very cold and matter-of-fact. I need to figure out a way to spice it up a bit.

On episode 70 of the Rocking Self Publishing Podcast youtube writing advice vlogger Michael La Ronn of Author Level Up touched a bit on dictating novels with Dragon Naturally Speaking. Today, I went down a rabbit hole on Michael’s youtube channel. Thank you Michael! His youtube channel is a wonderful resource. I recommend that everyone interested in writing and self publishing subscribe to it.

Michael discussed how it is possible to record oneself – personal journal style – and then import the mp3 to Dragon to be transcribed. In essence, I could write my book on my commute – or walking at the mall! He also clearly showed in his videos how to use Dragon Naturally Speaking with Scrivener. It’s really neat to see the words spit out onto the page faster than any human could possibly type. He has doubled or tripled his word speed by dictation versus typing.

I took the plunge and purchased the software. I’ll experiment and let everyone know how it works out.