Send Articles and Blogs to Kindle

As a busy, jet-set career lad, I’m often too busy to read all the informative tidbits I see online. The internet is an information tsunami. There are a small handful of blogs that I read religiously. Additionally, there are many articles that I see via email or twitter that I’d like to read or research later. How do I stay on top of it all? I have a two-pronged approach that works great. I thought I’d share.

I’m a big fan of Instapaper. This free service adds a button to your toolbar in chrome browser. When I see an article I like, I click the button. Through the magic of internet the next time I open my kindle, the saved articles will be there in normal kindle reading format. All the saved articles are bundled together like a book with chapters. I do this a lot with articles that have info I may need later at home. There is also a mobile Instapaper app which allows you to do something similar from your phone. On a phone, you click the share button and then find Instapaper in the choices, and voila! Off it goes. It’s such a time saver to push things to your kindle that you want to read later. Not only can you read them comfy and warm in bed, but you can also skip all the blinking ads and distractions at the live article webpage.

For blogs that I want to read regularly and cannot miss a post, I use Calibre. This software is designed to be an itunes-like organizational tool for your ebooks. However, I don’t use it this way. The only feature I use is the “fetching news” tool. With it, you can add a blog’s rss feed to be pulled. Calibre will once per day, grab the blog’s latest posts, convert them to a mobi file and push them to your kindle. Each blog appears as a new document. There are a variety of services online which do this for a fee. Calibre is free. I have to be honest. The program is a bit of a pain to setup and figure out. Also once you get it humming, you must leave the program running minimized in the background. If it’s not running, nothing will send. As I only have it doing one task and once per day, it doesn’t take up that much processing power.

I use these two methods together to push about a half dozen or so articles to my kindle per day. I chew through these at night before I go to sleep. Let me know if you have other methods which work for you.

Note: These tools also work with non-kindle e-readers.