Year In Zen

Many wonderful things happened in 2016. Yes, I am focusing on the positive!

Dr. P and I had a magical London vacation in the spring. We checked off many bucket list items including seeing the Crown Jewels and listening to Big Ben’s gong. Unfortunately, my audience with the Queen did not take place. Contrary to my apprehension, London was tourist-friendly, easy to get around, and drenched in history. The most enjoyable facet of traveling in Europe versus America is the history. Seeing things you’ve read about – things that have only ever lived in your imagination — come to life is exhilarating. The dusty old memories get a jolt of electricity and sing once again.

We had a long, hot, and dry summer. Global warming is good news to people who live in places where it’s traditionally too cold to go outside for nine months of the year. I had a lot of pool time. We also planned ahead to do a lot of camping. Though I’m often too busy with work in the summer to take time off, we did have a lot of great long weekend camping trips.

In the fall, we did our first road trip. Medical bills had pinched my savings. We needed to plan a vacation on the cheap. We drew a rough circle on the eastern half of the USA, got in the car, and drove. We found hotels along the way with our smart phones. We visited some friends, saw many cool places, and — most importantly — spent a day at Dollywood.

I passed a big milestone in 2016. The book I’d been tinkering with for a handful of years has finally begun! It has life! There are words! I’m actually writing! It was time for me to stop reading every “how to” book, put away my craft supplies making story boards, and start to put words to the page.

I’m looking forward to 2017. I am the architect of my life and am determined to make it the best year yet. I hope to publish my book early in the year. We’ve already made plans to escape the snow and travel with family to Disney in the spring. Maybe there will be a castle tour in central France this year too? I know there are a lot of terrible things going on in the world. The monsters have taken over and are using hate and fear to empower and enrich themselves. I am not blind. I can see. This story has been told for millennia. To stay sane and achieve goals, I can only focus on the things over which I have control. Anything else would be a delusion.

I hope my friends, listeners, and readers are having a wonderful holiday season and will have a bountiful new year.