Book Cover Design Ideas

Book Cover Design Ideas

I’ve been tinkering with some book cover design ideas. A lot of self published authors outsource this task. And I can understand why. But not me. Getting my hands dirty with design is part of the fun for me. My book will be a lot more special this way. I’ve been publishing self-designed materials for years. I can rise to this challenge. Plus, I want my books to have a consistent design. If I’m in control, this will be uncomplicated.

I’ll need two covers – one for the digital book and one for the paperback book. The digital book is fairly simple. A digital cover is a jpg with specific dimensions – easy. The paperback cover is a bit trickier. For that, I’ll need to calculate size, trim, and spine width. There are some templates online, but it will be a little challenging.

I played around with a template this morning which resulted in the picture you see above. This is just a draft. The title is a placeholder. I haven’t decided what the book will be called yet. I don’t even have my characters’ names set in stone. I’m fairly certain I’ll use the background picture you see here. I want the cover to have a high-tech space jungle vibe. Plus, green is my favorite color.

I’ll publish the paperback book through CreateSpace. Their publish-on-demand services are free. They take a cut of sales. They distribute books to all online platforms as well as internationally.

I’ll do the digital distribution myself. Less middlemen means more royalties to me. Or one can hope.