What’s In A Name?

What's In A Name

I’m doing well sticking to my writing goals. One thousand words per day seems to be my sweet spot. If I can write a thousand words per day, sooner or later the book will be done, right? Every writer is different, and that’s ok. I am feeling good about having my scenes be just around 1,000 – 1,200 words. Three scenes equals one chapter. At that clip, I move quickly. I don’t get stuck in a rut nor feel like I can’t figure out what to say or do next. I’ll go through and polish the rough edges when the rough draft is complete.

On the marketing front, I got my book up on instafreebie.com. They have a great platform to help authors build their mailing list by giving away previews and freebies. I just added my draft chapter a few hours ago. I already have one new subscriber. There is a thirty day free trial. I’ll report back on how many new mailing list subscribers I get.

Today, I made a hard decision to change the name of my protagonist from Beka to Aliyah. I saw the word Aliyah in an article recently. I love that name, and it just felt right. It’s also a small homage to Alia Atreides of Dune fame — one of the most important and influential books in my life and in science fiction overall. It’s easy in Scrivener to make sweeping changes such as this. A few clicks and voila!

Next up is my Black Moment or Climax scene! I’m excited to write it. My character has been through so many rough patches. I hope that I can make this scene horrible enough to be climactic!