Beginner’s Luck


Revising the rough draft ain’t easy, y’all! I’ve made some hard decisions. Major rewrites are occurring. I’ve had to delete a lot. As I write, I am also learning how to write better. I want my book to be as good as it can be. I’ve also decided to switch the positions of two major, important scenes. They are both scenes where the antagonist strives to thwart the story goal. However, one is much darker and cataclysmic than the other. It makes the most sense for the dark one to be my dark moment, the moment of no return. I originally wrote the softer scene as my dark moment. Readers want the climax to shake things up, so I’m switching the two scenes. This change of course throws my continuity into a tailspin. I’m not worried about it. I’m still having fun. I’m brainstorming ways to stitch things together to repair the continuity holes. I even had a dream about my book this weekend! I’m confident it will all come out well.