Red Eyed Easter


I haven’t posted in a long while. I’m strangely up very early this Easter morning and thought I’d post an update about what I’m working on.

My spring writing classes have wound down. I decided not to sign up for any night classes over the summer. Because summer. I enjoy taking night classes a lot but also enjoy my pool. I’m still plugging away on my trashy gay vampire romance. It’s fun to write. I haven’t been writing enough. Work has been hectic. There is no time during the day to sneak in any word count. Now that my writing classes are over, I’d like to devote two days a week – Tuesday and Thursday? – when I go to the library after work to focus on writing. I’m about 75% done with the first draft. My next scene is the Black Moment scene where shit hits the fan. That should be fun. This work will need a lot of revisions. When the narrative is complete, I plan to insert small “dream scenes” between every chapter. “Why,” you ask? It will all make sense when I tell you more about the book. I promise! I have a lot of great ideas sparking around my brain.

Because I’m a taurus, I’m already working with a cover designer. My marketing plan for this piece is to release it in sequence monthly as ten short stories. As each episode becomes available, the next one will go on pre-order. When all ten have been released, I will release an omnibus of the entire work in ebook, print, and audiobook. This project will thus keep me very busy for eleven months. Each release will have a unique cover by the same designer with the same model. The pose of the model, colors, and background will change. I’ve picked out a scary, scrawny vampire-like guy that rocks.

I’ve been gathering a list of great places to promote my book online. I may experiment with AMS ads also. I’ve never had good luck with facebook ads in the past, and thus will skip those. Facebook ads feel like throwing money down a pit. At least with AMS ads, amazon provides ROI numbers based on sales. With facebook, it feels more nebulous. “This number of people glanced at your ad as it scrolled on by!”

My freebie Moon Mask continues to get a lot of downloads. When my new project goes live, I will unpublish Moon Mask from ebook and use it as a list magnet in the vampire books.

It’s Easter morning, and I need to hop in the shower. We’ll pickup my Mother for lunch. Let me know what you think of my marketing plan. Do you think I’m crazy? Will you read my naughty vampire stories?

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