Hoop Dreams

I had the strangest dreams last night. It won’t sound like anything special, but it has lingered. Usually, my dreams fade quickly. I was playing hooky from work and decided that I would sneak and see a movie during the day. Surely, no one would notice if I disappeared for two hours as long as I returned to my desk before five o’clock. I went to the movie theater at the mall. In my dream universe, the foyer of the movie theater was a large gymnasium filled with thousands of people jostling and queuing to see movies. Though I appeared to be walking normally, I had a strange cane. It was a large several foot wide semicircle with a grip on top. It looked like a metal hoop cut in half. The ends of the semicircle sat on the ground, as I walked to keep me steady. Pick up, set down. Pick up, set down. I’ve attached a picture of the closest thing I could find online which resembles this cane. Again, I was walking normally and not in pain. I am not sure why I had the large, unusual cane. There was a place in the gymnasium where one could store large canes – like a self-service coat check. I knew that it wasn’t appropriate to bring the big hoop cane into the theater. I placed my cane on a rack and then got in line for the movie. While in line, I began to have second thoughts about playing hooky during the work day. I decided that I’d leave and go back to work. I went to the cane storage area. There were now hundreds of canes. I spent some time flipping between the canes but couldn’t tell which one was mine. They were all so similar. As I searched, I became more and more desperate to get back to work. I feared the longer I waited, the greater the risk someone would notice that I was missing. Finally, I decided to ditch my special cane and leave it there. I raced out of the mall and back to my car.

I have no idea what this dream means. I know it was seeded by my recent trip to a new mall where I walked by a movie theater that had an unusually long line mid-day.