Sirena The Sirens


I had the most mystical entertainment experience! On a whim, we went on a road trip adventure to the Renaissance Faire. We saw jousting, men in tights, and glass dragon art. At the fair, they have stages scattered about where rotating acts perform. We saw some comical acrobats. We then strolled over to another venue and settled in for what we thought was going to be a juggling troupe. We were wrong! This is where I saw Sirena The Sirens. Sirena The Sirens is a performance art group of three women who are self-styled sirens from Greek Mythology. They float around the stage in aquamarine rags, blue makeup, and shells in their hair like sea witches. Using drums, clapping, harmonizing, and pounding staffs on the floor, they sing about the sea, love, and magic. Here’s how they describe themselves on their facebook page.

Travel back to the time of mythical gods, shipwrecked lovers, and the ethereal women whom all sailors both fear and adore–the Sirens. Straight from the depths of the sea, Aglaope, Legeia, and Raidne bring you a show filled with drumming, dancing, and all-original music. Their songs will hypnotize you and their stories will touch your hearts, but hold on to your souls, or you might find you’ve lost them to the hands of the Sirens!

I was enthralled. I loved them so much that I had to buy their cd. And I don’t own any cds! I even had it autographed by the ladies. You too can buy their music at their website here. I’ll give it a listen in my car and then gift it to my friend KK. She will dig their music. Here’s a video from youtube with their latest single.

Here’s another video of them performing live at the fair.

Such amazing raw talent. I am smitten. I kinda want to quit my job and follow them on tour. Maybe they need a roadie?