Hot Eclipse


We visited friends in South Carolina to see the total eclipse. Less then forty-eight hours later, we were on the road again camping in the wilderness with no wifi or cellular connectivity. I never took a moment to pause and say a few words about this once (twice?) in a lifetime celestial event. South Carolina was partly cloudy that day, so we didn’t get the full Wyoming, crystal clear, and blazing eclipse. In our location, the clouds moved in-and-out passing over the sun throughout the experience. It was still amazing and moving. We were in a large downtown public square filled with thousands of people. I think the crowd of onlookers added to the excitement. I was most surprised by the suddenness of the darkness. The eclipse did not make the daylight slowly fade away. It was bright and daylight-like right up to the totality. And then the sun just turned off. For two minutes or so the light was gone. The air and light immediately changed. The temperature dropped, the street lights flicked on, and the mosquitoes came out. I don’t know where those pesky nuisances were hiding! The energy from the crowd was electric. One of our friends spontaneously proposed marriage to his boyfriend during the totality. There were tears and hugs. For a moment, the awesomeness of the universe took center stage. It was a thrilling experience.

After the eclipse finished, we walked to PeacePie for ice cream sandwiches. If the words “ice cream sandwich” makes you think of boring cardboard crap you can buy in a grocery store, you need to click the link and get a load of the pictures. Charleston was two weeks ago, and I’m still thinking about those ice cream treats. They were so good that we went twice.