Recurring Dream


I’m not a vivid dreamer. If I dream, I mostly don’t remember. The closest thing to a recurring dream I have is a repeating setting. I had this dream again last night. The setting has been visiting my sleep for more years than I can remember. In this dream, I am in a tunnel. It can be man-made or a geological cave-like tunnel. It may also have parts that are wooden or structural. I am crawling through the tunnel – at times by myself, sometimes with others. I’m going somewhere. There is definitely a destination though that is never made clear in the dreamscape. And I never reach the destination. The dream is about the journey. I am crawling along through sludge. Digging my nails along rocky walls. Digging through collapsed dirt. I am not sure what this dream means or why it visits me repeatedly. I know why it came last night. Whenever I see something which ignites the memories where I store this dream, it comes alive again. We recently watched the scene in Game of Thrones where John Snow and Daenerys are in the Cave of the First Men. When those two were traveling down the narrow underground tunnels, my dream brain twitched.