I am always eager to find folks who would like to help promote my author platform. If you are interested in becoming a part of my ARC Team (advance reader copy), please let me know! What is an ARC Team and how does it work? I run my ARC process a bit different than other authors. Members receive a free, hard copy proof of my new release before it becomes available to the public. I send this proof via postal mail. I ask ARC Team members to leave an honest review as soon as the book goes on sale. Don’t worry, I will send a reminder! Additionally, extra helpful ARC Team members can return the proof to me marked up with spelling or grammar issues. These gold star members receive a free first-run, autographed fresh copy of the book when it goes to print.

If you would like to join my ARC Team, submit the following information. Sorry, USA folks only at this time. I manage my ARC Team through MailChimp. Thus, note that joining my ARC Team requires me to add you to my MailChimp Reading Group if you are not already a member. Thank you for the support!