Over the years I’ve learned to manage my digestive issues with a variety of supplements as described below. I take a handful of pills every morning – about ten. List has links to amazon.

First, you need a pill organizer. I have a two-week supply one. Thus, every two weeks I fill it up with everything I need to pop in my mouth in the morning for the next two weeks. This also makes it easier when I travel. I just toss the pill organizer into my luggage. Every morning, I take all the pills listed. Subsequently, with every meal, I take 3 fiber pills. If that meal contains dairy, I take one of the dairy digest pills. I don’t eat a lot of dairy anymore but I do take the pills with me if I eat out. I have a little old lady travelling dispenser.

Pill organizer

Morning pills:

1 Generic multi vitamin – whatever is on sale!
1 Flaxseed
1 Probiotic
3 Fiber (Psyllium)* – Yes, I said 3!
1 Anti Diarrheal**
1 Vitamin D
1 Magnesium Citrate***


Dairy Digest with any dairy
3 additional Fiber (Psyllium) with every meal – Yes, I said 3!

*This feeds the probiotics.

**Start off with 1 anti diarrheal but experiment for what works best for you. I actually take 1.5 per day and 2 if I’m traveling because I don’t want to shit my pants in an airport. They are easy to break in half. They don’t turn your poo to stone. They just slow everything down so it’s not a sweaty, painful emergency every f-ing time.

***This cleans out the kidneys and inhibits muscle cramps which I sometimes get at night when I’m sleeping. If you don’t have any issues, you can skip this one.